Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Same Power

I was driving home with my music blaring as usual (I even had one of Elias friends tell me this week that it was hurting his ears, no worries I turned it down) we were rocking out to a kids worship album, having a dance contest (which by the way, my kiddos have some really great moves, so if you're looking for a dancer... I'm just saying).  There is this one song that gets me every time, the lyrics are "The Same Power that conquered the grave lives in me, the same love that rescued the earth lives in me", oh there is so much in those lines.  It's a reminder that slaps me in the face every time.  When discouragement sets in, and I feel weak, what a reminder, that all that power is accessible to me anytime and all the time.  God didn't just demonstrate that power once and now it's over, He demonstrates that power today, now.  When I am stuck between a rock and hard place, that same power and love lives in feeble lil' me.  I have victory in Christ.  Be encouraged today, that no matter where life has you right now, no matter what your circumstances are, be they relational, financial, health, that same power and love lives in you and will be victorious in you!  

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